Saturday, March 20, 2010

2days Tease (My Short Film)

"2days Tease" is a very special short film of mine. Actually its story was very challenging.


Main Idea:

Script, Editing & Direction:
Kaushik Iqbal

Sharony, Zafreen, Onto & Sakib

Safkat & Kaushik

Assistant Direction:
Safkat, Ashiq, Nasim, Ashraf & Priya


I shoot this Short Film on 17 & 19 March, 2010 @ Lalmatia. All of my assistant directors helped me very much. Sharony & Zafreen did a very hard work, in my view they are really awesome. I am personally a big fan of Sharony. My very close friend & assistant director Ashiq also helped me a lot. I remembered, the next day (20 March) Ashiq had a Mid Term Exam, but he did not care it & helped me a lot. It was really a big thing for me. Nasim, Ashraf, Onto, Sakib was so much creative & off course Safkat. I missed him the last shooting day, but he supported me all the time. Priya & Munmun visited us & it was so enjoyable. I enjoyed the whole work. I want to say, its not a "Kaushik Iqbal's Short Film", its a short film of Kaushik Iqbal & his team. Hope you will enjoy the film. Have Fun...


  1. Mama, Amake poth ta chinai diba please !
    Ami oi pothe jiboneo haatbo na :P

  2. Wow! Its really nice to know about your short film. I think this will be an another good creation after your "Out Of Order". Just carry on. Hope you will give us a good film.

  3. Good job......when i will see your next project...